Create a fund-raising project for a good cause

Fundraising frequently asked questions:

Who can organise a fundraiser project?
Anyone. Whether you’re a corporation, school or individual, everyone can make a difference. Please submit the appropriate application form accordingly.

What kind of projects can be fundraisers?
There is no limit to your creativity! Different organisations have done bake sales, car washes and plenty more to fundraise for our community cats. We’ve also had some generous couples pledge their wedding ang paos to our furry friends. Note that you may need a license, depending on the type of event you are planning. Please check this website for more information.

How do I hold a fundraiser?
Please send in your application form online, and give us at least three working days to review your submission.

Is there a minimum target amount to be raised?
Absolutely not. Every cent counts!

Where do the funds go?
All funds raised go directly to the continued support of critical life saving operations carried out by Cat Welfare Society.

Can I organise more than one project?
Certainly! We would be delighted for you to do so.

Must my project raise money?
This platform is solely to register projects that raise funds. If you would like to volunteer or organise other types of activities such as education awareness, please contact

I’m organising a public event to fundraise for Cat Welfare Society – could you assist in the event publicising?
The power of fundraising comes from leveraging on all potential networks including our own personal ones so that we can reach new people who aren't already supporting the organisation in some way or another. While you are reaching new audiences through your own marketing and social networks, we can also help share your fundraising events on our social media. However due to the new Facebook rules, you may want to set aside a small budget to boost the post on our Facebook to ensure adequate reach. Nonetheless we will do our best to support public events where possible, provided we have at least 4 weeks advance notice.

Are the funds raised tax-deductible?
Yes. We have officially achieved the status of an Institute of Public Character where our donors are entitled to tax deductions (3 times the donation value) for donations from May 2013 (IPC000787). Please refer to IRAS website for more information.


Please remember that whilst Cat Welfare Society is grateful for your support, you are responsible for the organisation and management of any fundraising projects and all related activities. Cat Welfare Society cannot accept responsibility for any liability arising from any such project or related activities. It is important that you take out adequate insurance and seek advice from a qualified adviser.

Anyone involved in fundraising activities must not misrepresent themselves to third parties as a member of staff of the Cat Welfare Society. It is important to ensure contacts understand you are supporting the charity on a voluntary basis.

In any publicity for your fundraising project, please ensure that the following is clearly stated:

“This fundraising event/activity is organised by [your name] who will be donating the proceeds of the event/activity (after costs incurred in running the event/activity/or in its entirety) to The Cat Welfare Society. The Cat Welfare Society has no responsibility for any liability which may arise from this event/activity”.


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