Create a fund-raising project for a good cause

By: Veron | October 07, 2016

Your cat portraits by Ng Ling Tze aka Tamaow raised $7200 for Cat Welfare Society!

In celebration of Singapore's 50th birthday in 2015, Ng Ling Tze aka Tamaow did an open call for the commission of 50 pieces of cat portrait drawing with 50% of the proceeds going to the Cat Welfare Society. Together with an exhibition held at The Cat Cafe in Dec 2015, Tamaow raised $7200 to help the many cats in Singapore. 

No effort is too big or too small to make a difference in saving a life! Thank you Tamaow!

Date: 7 October 2016 12:00

Category: October 2016 

Tags: Art 



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